Redirection that comes from daily prayer is always a good thing

Hey guys!

Hopefully you all had great weeks!! Ours was pretty good. We had a busy week but it was full of fun and good work.

Tuesday we exchanged with the sisters here in Brasov and I got to go with Sora Parker. We had a way good day, visiting Carmen, and then having a lesson with Constantina our investigator. Our lesson with her was way good – she’s been progressing but has kind of gotten to a stand-still and I really wanted to figure out what was happening. We talked with her about the Restoration again. I’ve gained such a testimony of teaching the Restoration. If people understand that and gain a testimony of that, then everything makes sense.

Wednesday we had a really full day. We had a lesson early in the day with Sora Miron. The Bairs took us out to her place and we worked on dresses first. Sora Miron is a master seamstress and is making us dresses. We went to a fabric store on Monday to buy fabric and then showed her what we wanted and she will have them done in two weeks. We had a lesson with her about the children of Israel and after we shared some verses she ended up taking the lesson in a different direction but it worked out perfectly because we could see her applying their situation and their story in her own life. I love when that happens! We met Carmen after to go visit a less active sister and it was a good visit but we’re stuck as to how to get her to come to church consistently. She’s been coming on and off ever since before I arrived and nothing has helped. That evening we had a lesson with our investigator Kristina, who we haven’t been able to see in a while so we were happy. We talked a lot about Heavenly Father and our relationship to Him and with Him. She was asking us a lot about trials we’ve had in our lives because we’re members which ironically made me excited because it means she’s thinking about our church and what it would mean if she were baptized! We are going to have her over to Carmen’s this week and invite her to be baptized again so we’ll see what happens. We left around 5 for Buc and stayed the night with Sora Honey and her companion!

Thursday we had MLC (mission leadership council) at our new mission office in Bucuresti. It is super super nice and now that the furniture is there and it’s designed, it’s really awesome. We started our meeting with a presentation from the Assistants to the President about the WHY behind everything we’re doing. It was really inspiring and I loved everything they said. Ultimately, it should be because we love the Savior. Sora Ivory gave a really good presentation on redirecting ourselves in our lives when we get stuck. She has a real talent of being relatable with us even when she presents and it shows. Redirection is always a good thing – we should be redirecting and recorrecting ourselves all the time. A huge part of that is daily prayer and making sure we are staying close to our Father in Heaven. It was so nice for me to be with all these other great missionaries. I always feel like I learn so much from them and that it just feels good and strengthening to be with them. After the entire meeting (it went until about 4) those who had trains to wait for got to watch “Meet the Mormons.” I thought it was really good! A little cheesy but I loved it. Our train was super late that night and we got home and just collapsed into our beds.

Friday we had a good district meeting and then we went with Carmen out to Feldioara to visit some members, less actives and investigators out there. She is so wonderful with everyone! She is such a help to us in our lesson and work.

Saturday after English we met up with our investigators and met one of their husbands. It was awesome to get an in with him and we got invited over to their place so we ate with them. Before we started eating, our investigator Roxana (whose husband invited us over) said, “Wait! The girls pray before they eat!” It was awesome! We invited her to prayer and she had forgotten so I taught her really quickly right then and there and then she said the cutest prayer. It was really sincere and I was so happy she remembered we pray. They both invited us back which we’re excited about!

Sunday I gave my FIRST talk in Church since coming to Romania. Almost a year and I hadn’t spoken yet. Haha. I spoke on the Restoration and I was so so nervous. I love speaking in Church but doing it in Romaninan is a completely different story. Thankfully it went really really well and so many members told me they loved it and that they felt the Spirit. That’s all I wanted so I was happy. πŸ™‚

This week I’ve been studying my patriarchal blessing a ton. More than other weeks out here. I love knowing that I have such a good map to help direct me in my life. I feel so blessed to be a missionary here and to be able to love these people and share the gospel with them.

I hope you all stay safe and happy! Love you. πŸ™‚


Sora Marcheschi


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