With God, we really can do anything

Hey everyone!

Another great week. 🙂 Transfers are here and I’m staying another in Brasov with Sora Robertson. That’s going to be 5 in Brasov – 1/3 of my mission spent in the most amazing city with the most amazing people!

Monday we usually have our preparation day but we switched it to Wednesday to go on a trip with our district so we were able to visit two recent converts on Monday. One of them decided she wanted to dye her hair another color other than blonde. So we put my hair over hers to see what she would look like as a brunnette. And she looked SO GOOD. So she told us she would have us over to help her dye her hair later in the week.

Tuesday we went with Carmen out to Feldioara to see Nicoleta. Sora Robertson and I had planned this amazing lesson on tithing and why we have the law of the tithe. That can be a really hard lesson to share with people here because they are so poor and it can be really hard for them to handle. But Nicoleta wants to go to the temple so she needed to start being better with her tithing. Well, right off the bat she starts telling Carmen about how she has no money. Oops. Sora Robertson and I looked at each other and just decided to keep going with what we planned. So we had a lesson on tithing. And even though Nicoleta talked off topic randomly throughout the lesson, when we did get to talk and teach, it was really good. If anything, it was a good lesson for me to learn about tithing. 🙂 That night at English, we played charades and had so much fun! I love our English students.

Wednesday morning our district headed off to Peles castle in Sinaia. It was my second time going and it’s not any less impressive going again. It is AMAZING. And the setting was still gorgeous with all the snow. We had a lot of fun exploring the castle and taking lots of silly pictures as usual. We all ate together and then Sora Robertson and I left on a train for Bucuresti and then a train from there to Pitesti for our last exchange of the transfer. We got in and headed to the sisters’ place. It felt so weird to be back in my birth city again. It didn’t feel as much like home as I thought it would.

Thursday Sora Bynum and I headed up to Campulung to see the members there. That was the best! My very first lesson in Romania and I got to see them again! 🙂 I was so happy. We had a really good lesson with them on faith and it was so good to see that they were still doing so well. We came back and were able to see some other members there. It was weird but good to be back. We took another train home that night, and on our way to Buc to switch trains we sat with these two way cool women. We had all gotten on the train together in Pitesti and just decided to sit with them. One was an older lady named Viorica and the other was a younger woman named Corina. We talked with them the whole way to Buc and talked about everything: the church, life during communism, boys, the usual. 🙂 It was so awesome. We were able to give Corina our information so hopefully she writes us! It was nice to get home to Brasov. Traveling is making us tired!

Friday all our lessons but one cancelled on us, which way bummed us both out. It happens. But that one lesson was really good and our district meeting was amazing. Elder Cloward closed the meeting by asking us to think about how we truly see ourselves. Not how we want to see ourselves, but how we truly, honestly see ourselves and to write it down somewhere. Then he suggested that sometime this week we pray to see ourselves how God sees us. He said “If you can see yourself the way God sees you, you can see the world the way He sees the world.” I love that. I believe that! I think it also applies when you can see others the way God sees them. That night we did get to go see Carmen and Teo and have a meal and a lesson with them though. That was a very sacred lesson for me and I won’t ever forget it.

Saturday was packed! We had a piano 30/30 with our investigator Constantina and talked about the BoM with her. She had a lot of good questions and we committed her to read 3 Nephi 11-12. During English, we played “Do you love your neighbor?” and had a BLAST. Our whole class participated including the older ladies and men and everyone had so much fun. We had lunch with Carmen, Teo, Aurelian, his mom Ioana and his grandma Ana, and Constantina. What a funny group. Old Romanian women are hilarious. Constantina told us we were lucky we could eat fast food because we are young and slim but that the old women (and she pointed to her, Ana, and Ioana) are fat and have to watch what they eat. No shame! We had an interesting lesson after with Mihaela. She is very curious about our church but when we teach her we can’t tell if she’s bored or just analyzing what we’re saying.

That night we went with the Bairs to the Pavels. And had a GREAT lesson. We were going to talk about prophets and we did, but weaved in and out of the lesson were testimonies of prayer and the spirit. It was amazing. Veronica and Simona were both there (they are the daughters of the Pavels and are not members. I’ve been working with them ever since I got here six months ago.) and they were so eager and prepared to hear us. Veronia PRAYED!!!!! And it was the sweetest prayer. She was crying by the end and so obviously so was I. That was an amazing lesson.

This week I read a quote that I had found in July of last year. I love it and it was a great reminder to me of how we need to see ourselves.

“Over time, you will come to see yourself as you are seen and know yourself as you are known by the Savior,” he said. “Up to now, you have seen yourself ‘through a glass darkly’ [see 1 Corinthians 1:12]. In the next months and beyond, you will begin to grasp just how much you lack, how far you have to go to accomplish what God expects of you, and what He expects you to become. … The one who holds these high expectations, who is demanding so much of you, is the same one who has overcome the world, who wants to help you, and who can help you overcome whatever you must.” – Elder Christofferson

I love this!! With God, we really can do anything. He will always help us, all we need to do is ask and then do all we can. I know He is always there for us.

I love you all!!!

Sora Marcheschi


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