Pictures from August and September!


2 thoughts on “Pictures from August and September!

  1. Hello! My daughter left for the MTC last wednesday, heading out to Romania/Moldova in 6 weeks! Thank you so much for sharing your Sora’s experiences!! It has really helped me to picture what my daughter will be doing and where! It has brought me great peace. Your daughter is lovely and working hard! I can see she is truly committed to the Gospel and her mission! I would feel so blessed if she were to be one of my daughters companions! My daughters name is Brittany Armstrong and we are from Temecula, CA.
    Thanks again!!
    Ann Armstrong

    • Oh, Ann, she is in for a treat! My daugter really does love the mission and the people there and she feels safe. I am so happy that my daughter’s letters have helped someone else. I remember doing the same thing before my girls left for their missions (one left for Guatemala two weeks before Emily left for Romania). Both of my daughters and I were so grateful to the good sisters who helped us know a little of what to expect and how to prepare and what they had to look forward to. I wish your daughter THE BEST! That would be so great if they could be companions at some point. My husband and I are originally from Pasadena, CA. Maybe one day we’ll get to meet and reminisce about our daughters’ experiences in the mission together. 🙂

      Melanie Marcheschi

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