The Week of The Book of Mormon

Monday, June 30, 2014 at 9:53 a.m.

Hello Family and Friends!

So here’s this week!

Monday: We did contacting in the morning and then got groceries at Kaufland! Kaufland is amazing. And they even have their own theme song. Super legit. Then we contacted our way down to Centru, into their underground shopping (kinda like china town a bit). The library was closed that day but our friend, Adrian, kept it open just for us! He waited for us to do our internet which was so incredibly kind of him. All the library people love us because we come every week and are always way nicer than other people.

Tuesday: Because we ended our p-day two hours short on Monday, we got to go to the Zoo!! I could write a ton about this but to be honest, I really have no energy. The internet room is boiling hot and I can just feel the energy being sucked out of me. So just know that the zoo was awesome, the lion almost broke out of its cage thing to eat us, and birds were mating which made the elders feel awkward and Sora Newell and I just laughed. It was fantastic.

Wednesday: We had a lesson today in Campulung with our investigators there that was awesome! At the end, I asked one of them if they would pray and after bearing testimony of prayer and the blessings in my life because of it, she did! I was so happy that I hugged her afterwards. Haha, she probably thought I was crazy but I don’t even care. We also had a lesson with the members there about blessings and about keeping faith in Christ and the hope they can have in Him. It was a fantastic day. We also met our new missionary in Pitesti, Elder Manning. He came from Sibiu, so he knows Sora Timmins! He’s awesome. We got him covrigi cu ciocolata and sat in Centru to eat. Then we contacted our way home.

Thursday: Thursday we had district meeting as usual and then met with an English student named Felicia, who we love! She’s amazing. I can’t say anything about our meeting, but I have never met anyone as strong as this woman. Wow. I wish you could all know her story. It’s amazing, and I just hope and pray that one day she can accept the Gospel. After that, we had a lesson fall through so we contacted for the rest of the day with one of the members in the branch named Marius. Any day spent with Marius is a good day. This guy is hysterical. I have never laughed harder at things someone has said than at this guy. He speaks in English to us, really well actually, but his grammar is just off enough to make everything super funny. We love him. He’s also so strong in the Gospel. And is not afraid to tell anyone about it! It’s super awesome. I wish every member were like Marius.

Friday: We had a study with a member here named Brielle, so we went to her house near Gavana. It was so fun! We talked about Zion and lots of other interesting Gospel things. Then we contacted our way to Auchan. (We have English cards to give people so we literally can contact our way EVERYWHERE. It’s awesome.) Auchan is amazing. Sora Newell and I stood in the parking lot and just marveled. Auchan is kind of like Costco and right next to it is Obi which is like Home Depot. So we literally felt like we were in America, complete with the huge parking lot.

Saturday: Saturday we went to Campulung again and had a lesson with just one of our investigators this time. It was supposed to be on the second part of the plan of salvation, but ended up being about prayer the entire time. It was a really hard lesson and I talked a lot, but felt so discouraged because we were getting nowhere. It was hard. But he wants us to come back. So that’s good. We were leaving and we realized that although it seems impossible, he can still progress. And that we weren’t going to let Satan make us think that he couldn’t! We went to our member’s house out in the mountains, basically, and tried to have a lesson with her but she was working. So we ended up having an impromptu lesson with a 70 something year old man named Gheorghe.

Sunday: Sunday was great! We had awesome talks in Church and I’m beginning to be able to really listen and understand what they’re saying which is nice. Church doesn’t feel as long that way. πŸ™‚ We met Elder Swensen’s parents and after talking to his mom for a while, realized that she knows our family from Oakley, Idaho. Crazy small world. She’s going to email you, Mom, sometime soon I think :).

Today: Today has been AWESOME. It’s American week at Lidl because of the fourth of July, so we went and bought things that we usually can’t, and had a BBQ in a park! We bought a little grill, set it up, made cheeseburgers and took lots of flag pictures. Ha, it has been great. President Ivory arrived yesterday in Buc and is now presiding over the mission. President Hill and Sora Hill left early this morning. I love those two so much. They are wonderful people, who, even in the short time I knew them here, meant so much to me and taught me a lot. They already feel like family.

I finished The Book of Mormon last night. It was the best experience. I felt so calm and happy. The Book of Mormon is true. I have no doubt in my heart or mind about that. It has every answer to any question we could ever have in this life. It is one of the greatest blessings we have. I couldn’t stop reading it. Haha, I literally was obsessed. I would bring my scriptures everywhere because I just couldn’t stop. The Book of Mormon is not only so spiritually amazing, but the stories are SO COOL! I was reading the war chapters in Alma and it felt like I was watching the most amazing movie in my head.

I love this Gospel. I love this mission. It’s hard but it’s amazing. I love all of you and pray for you every day!! I hope everyone is ok and that life is going well for everyone. πŸ™‚

Stay classy πŸ™‚


Sora Newell and me at the zoo

Sora Newell and me at the zoo

RANCH--it's so beautiful!!

RANCH–it’s so beautiful!!

Our district celebrating July 4th early (during American week) with cheeseburgers and flags

Our district celebrating July 4th early with cheeseburgers and flags


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