Monday, June 9, 2014 at 12:10 p.m.

Hello Everyone!

This week was crazy. I feel like every week is crazy. The time passes so quickly. I feel like I was just emailing last Monday. Once again, this week had its ups and its downs.

– We finally got to have another lesson with two of our recent converts, who I just love to death. The little girl is my favorite person here, haha (besides Sora Newell 🙂 ) and it was so good to see her again.
– We celebrated my two-month mark (haha, not a huge deal but it was fun anyway) with pizza! It was so salty (Shoutout to the Marcheschis and our love of salt!) which was awesome.
– Street Contacting: Ah this is so hard but you feel so good when you do it. You feel so gutsy. Like you can do anything.
– Zone Leaders were here!

– Rain. Haha, so much rain. This was so bad, but became so funny to Sora Newell and me. We never have our umbrellas when it rains, but always have them when it looks like it will rain and then doesn’t.
– I unknowingly ingested rum again. Rough.
– I discovered I don’t know how to hold an umbrella over two people, unfortunately. Poor Sora Newell kept getting hit in the head, haha.- Our oven caught on fire.

Haha so here’s the week for you.

Monday: While we were having dinner at the pizza place, we saw on the news that the King of Spain abdicated his throne to his son. Crazy!

Tuesday: We went street contacting today and it’s so hard but it really does make you feel like you can do anything. We found a college campus that we’re going to go and visit this week and talk with some people our own age. Then we had English which is seriously one of my favorite parts of our week. After English, we talked with a woman and her son who come to the Beginning class. She told us that she loves that we have a light about us and that we’re happy. She said that Romanians fast to be happy and we’re always happy. She seems really interested in the Gospel and receptive to the Spirit but she and her son are going to Spain until September. Hopefully I’ll still be here when she gets back to talk with her more about the Gospel.

Wednesday: We went up to Campulung and tried to contact but it was POURING rain. Literally we were soaking wet. And we didn’t bring our umbrellas of course. Elder Dearden gave us his umbrella. It was broken and little, hahaha, but it was so nice of him. The elders just do work; they take whatever comes, including rain. So Sora Newell and I shared his umbrella. This is when we discovered that I don’t know how to hold an umbrella over two people without hitting the other in the head, haha. Oops. We had a lesson with a recent convert, which was really good. At the end of the lesson, her husband came in and they started asking me over and over if I had a boyfriend. Hahaha, the people here are always wondering that. Or if I’m married. Or why I’m not married. Hahahaha, I laugh every time.

Thursday: We had district meeting and our zone leaders were here for exchanges with the elders. We all did our parts for the meeting and then Elder Contos shared what he learned in his personal study in Jacob 5 about the olive tree. We were dying laughing because Elder Contos was talking about the roots and what they mean, except he’s from Idaho so he says “ruts.” We quieted down for a bit but then Elder Contos started talking about how he couldn’t figure out what the roots symbolized and he said, “What the heck are the “ruts”? We laughed and I said, “That’s what we’re all wondering!” It was too great. After, we all got lunch and then went contacting. Sora Newell and I weren’t very successful and came back to the church feeling pretty discouraged. Our Elders gave us good advice and later that night called to offer us blessings if we ever wanted them. It was so sweet. I love the priesthood and the worthy men who are able to administer to those who are in need of the blessings the Lord can offer.

Friday: Friday was crazy! We did our studies and then I was making cookies for less actives, when Sora Newell comes in and tells me that one of our potential investigators just called and wants to meet us in 10 minutes. We rush to get out the door and hurried to McDonalds to have an impromptu “lesson.” It turned out to be amazing. This man told us that he felt something powerful in his heart when we were speaking and that there’s a light about us. He said we have a spiritual presence and that he would pray about our message. He also said he would pray for us to find men to marry! Hahahah, EVERYONE thinks it’s crazy we’re not married or dating people. We got a call at the end of our lesson from our proprietor telling us that there was a fire in our apartment. Great. We ran back to our apartment and our oven had caught on fire from cookies, ahhhh. My disasters in the kitchen seem to never end, hahahah. Rough life. We went and got a fan to get the smell out of our apartment and I put it together using my pocket knife! That thing has seriously been the best investment ever. I take it everywhere and always use it.

Saturday: English was huge on Saturday! We had 9 people in our class, which is the largest it’s been since we started. Sora Newell and I had the spiritual thought afterwards and we talked about The Book of Mormon. The Spirit was there and I could feel it as we testified to the students about the truths in the book and how they could pray about it to know the truth for themselves.

I have no more time to write but I’ll tell you more next week! I love you all!! Go read Hebrews, James, 1 & 2 Peter! They’re amazing. Absolutely amazing. 🙂


Sora Marcheschi


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