“We can never be the same again.”

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 11:58 a.m.

Hello hello!

Ce mai faceți? How are you all doing? Our P-day was switched to Wednesday just so you all know why I haven’t responded to you. 🙂

Here are the highlights of the week!

– Last Monday after our p-day ended, we had the most amazing lesson with our investigator, Emil. We were teaching him the Atonement. While we were teaching, the Spirit was SO STRONG. We all bore personal testimony of how the Atonement has blessed our lives and of our love for Jesus Christ and then we sang “I Stand All Amazed” to him in Romanian. Singing in Romanian is beautiful. It’s seriously so pretty. The first thing I bought here at the MTC was a Romanian hymnbook. I love it. Anyways, our lesson was amazing—so far my favorite one the Spirit has taught through us here at the MTC.

– I found a quote by Elder M. Russell Ballard that expresses exactly what I want to continually find in my mission and throughout my life. He says: “As we commit ourselves to Jesus Christ – spiritually, physically, and emotionally – He blesses our lives with loving direction. Every decision we make from that time on is affected, because there are certain things a man or woman of Christ simply will not do. Our actions become more disciplined, our relationships become more righteous; even our language becomes more pure as we live a life that is centered on Jesus Christ and His teachings. Simply put, after the Spirit of Christ enters our hearts and our souls, we can never be the same again.” Isn’t that fantastic? I completely reevaluated my behavior and heart after reading that.

– Elder Oaks and his sweet wife came to talk to us on Tuesday night. Sister Oaks left her dying mother to come! She bore such a powerful testimony of missionary work and talked about her own mission. She told us that we are “servants of The Most High and He has great blessings for you and will watch over you.” So amazing. Then Elder Oaks spoke to us. This sounds weird but he started to talk to us and I started to cry because I could just feel so much love in his voice and see it in his countenance. He talked about the three different challenges missionaries face. He called them 1) The Challenge to Change, 2) The Challenge to Achieve and 3) The Challenge to Become. I’ll send my notes home this week so you can get a better sense of what he said because I don’t have time to write everything now. 🙂

– I made a commitment to myself this week as I listened to Elder Oaks, that I want to attend the temple weekly for the rest of my life. Go every week after I get home, every week when I get married, every week when I have a family. I just know how essential it is for us to return to the temple often to receive guidance, blessings, and remind ourselves of our eternal goal. I also made a goal that when I get married, I want to continue to do “companion study” with my husband. I love companion study here on a mission and I’ve seen the blessings that it brings to our companionship and I don’t see why it would be any different with my husband. If anything, it’ll be even better! 🙂

– Favorite scriptures from this week: 2 Timothy 4:7-8; 1 Nephi 3:7; 1 Nephi 11:16-17; Alma 7:11-13; D&C 50:10-24; D&C 101:35-36; Moses 7:26, 28; 3 Nephi 17:5-6; 3 Nephi 22 – the whole chapter. 🙂 Just fantastic.

I love you all!! You are always in my prayers 🙂

Sora (Emily) Marcheschi



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