Teaching with the Spirit

Monday, April 14, 2014 at 1:30 p.m.

Hello Hello!!

That’s what I always say to everyone in my zone and they laugh at me. Whatever :). How is everyone doing?? I LOVE getting your letters. They are the BEST! And thanks so much for sending some to the Elders and Sisters in my district and zone. All my district Elders loved the letters from you, Julia. 🙂 Stephen, Elder Helton told me that the letter you wrote him was really cool and that he’d write you back so check the mail.

Honestly, I’m trying so hard to remember everything that happened this week. It’s a struggle sometimes to even remember what I ate for breakfast by the end of the day, so hopefully the letters I send home during the week can help you get a feel for each week I spend here.

I’ve had some awesome personal studies this week. I’ve been going straight through the Book of Mormon and then reading along in Romanian for about 20 minutes at the end. In 1 Nephi 15:5-6, Nephi is talking about how he feels overwhelmed with the knowledge that his people will be destroyed. This is my entry: “So sometimes I feel like I worry or think too much. Sometimes I’m really sad and overwhelmed like I felt last night. I love these verses because Nephi was feeling overwhelmed about his afflictions, which he felt ‘were great above all.’ But then in the next verse he says, ‘…I had received strength…’ The Lord doesn’t ever leave us alone or overwhelmed when we need His help.” As I thought more about it this week, I realized that the Lord will let us struggle and labor and be overwhelmed, so we have the opportunity to exercise our faith in Him and then (at least for me this week), He will bless us.

We had the most amazing experience this week as a district. We taught one of our teachers as if she were our investigator but she didn’t play a character, she played herself. We asked her questions before we taught her about herself and what she was going through in her life. As we then prepared, all of us got so much inspiration as to what she needed. I felt specifically prompted to tell her that there is such a peace that comes through prayer, that God knows her and loves her and that He wants and is going to answer all her questions and prayers. We started teaching and the inspiration didn’t stop. Elder Boydstun asked her what she wanted from God right now and she thought about it and then said, “reassurance.” As people kept talking, I felt inspired to share with her some personal stories and then read her D&C 121:7-8. I told her the story behind that section (as well as 122 and 123). I testified to her that she is not alone. God knows her and knows her desires and that if she endures this well, she will be blessed, grow and God will answer her prayers. Then Elder Boydstun shared a scripture with her and his testimony. We all were pretty emotional, including him and the Spirit in the room was incredibly tangible. I haven’t felt happier in any moment since being at the MTC as I did right then. After we ended, our other teacher Frate Simmons said, “This is what it feels like to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands.” If that’s what it feels like, then I want that, and that feeling, for the rest of my life, not just here in the mission. Best day so far :).

I forgot to tell you that Vocal Point came last Sunday for the devotional and sang for us and then last night the BYU Men’s Chorus was there!! It’s such a blessing and a curse ’cause I see people I know and tons of my friends. But it mostly feels like a blessing, especially since we can’t listen to music here at the MTC. Men’s Chorus sang “O Magnum Mysterium” (Mom go listen to this!! I think it’s the Lauridsen version), He ain’t heavy, He’s my brother (MY FAVORITE) and then a Maori song where they did the Haka!!! All the sister missionaries got a little excited about that, hahaha. I was laughing so hard. During their devotional I wrote a little letter to Sister Applonie and then at the end ran it up to Sister Hall and asked her if she could pass it on to her for me. She said yes and gave me a HUGE hug and told me she loved me. Totally cried. I know that the Lord always knows exactly what we need and when we are in His service and living our lives like He has asked, He is able to bestow those little blessings when we need them. OBEDIENCE GUYS. We literally CANNOT receive blessings unless we are obedient to the laws they are predicated upon. That is so important. God wants to bless us all the time because He LOVES US, but He can’t unless we keep His laws.

I love you all!!!! I am having SO much fun 🙂 Please keep writing! It makes every day so great. I think there was a day I didn’t get a letter from you guys and I was so sad, hahaha. Thank goodness for awesome friends and companions and the Lord.

Favorites scriptures this week:
D&C 121:7-8
D&C 122:5-9 (I love Joseph Smith. What a man.)

I love you all!! Stay classy!!!



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