Her first day at the MTC…

Wednesday, April 7, 2014


Our MTC President told us to write home tonight and tell you what’s going on so far. Well… it’s sure been a crazy day! After you dropped me off, I was taken to get my badge, ID card (to use to eat & buy things, etc.) and then to get my language materials. I HAVE SO MANY. Like I literally hurt my arm carrying it. Or I’m just super weak. Probably the latter but still. It’s heavy. CAN’T WAIT.

After that I got to go to my room to drop off my luggage. Then I went to take some evaluations on the computer and then I went to my very first language class. I love Romanian. It’s seriously so pretty. We have classes near the other countries in our zone, Italy & Germany. It’s so nice because I can already pick up certain things just from knowing French & Italian. Romanian definitely sounds more like Italian, though.

After language class, all the new missionaries got together for a fireside with the MTC presidency. They spoke and it was really good. One thing that’s super weird, though, is that we sing hymns OUTRAGEOUSLY FAST. It’s bizarre. Oh well. Haha, I’m always out of breath at the end so that’s fun. President Nally (MTC President) had all the missionaries stand based on where they were from. There were TONS from Japan, California and, of course, Utah. Haha, okay, funny story. We were sitting in the back and there were about three rows of missionaries from Asia sitting around and in front of us. This one South Korean just starts massaging the necks of all the Asians sitting around him—we were laughing so hard. All the Asians were super jet-lagged so they were already having the hardest time staying awake and the neck and back massages probably didn’t help. It was too great. We got to go eat after that which was amazing because I was starving! That’s what no lunch will do to ya. Anyway, the food is pretty typical BYU food, straight down to the Chicken Cordon Bleu. There are healthy things, though, which is nice.

My companions – yep, I’m in a trio! – and I ate with the rest of our district. We have another sister companionship and then a trio of Elders. They are all awesome. We’re going to be so tight by the time we leave! We also made friends with the Italy district. Tons of guys going to Milan! I totally thought of Christine, haha ☺. So it’s been fun to make new friends!

We had 45 minutes after dinner to start unpacking, etc., and then we had our first teaching opportunities. Wow. I loved it and was so completely frustrated at the same time. Several times when all us missionaries were talking to our investigators it was easy to not be clear and to make it confusing and go off on irrelevant tangents. But then one or a couple missionaries would say or do exactly the right thing and you could just feel the Spirit touching everyone in the room. Our first investigator kept calling the Plan of Salvation “The Happy Plan.” SO CUTE. Our last investigator was so cool, though. He was Japanese and practiced Shinto religion. The missionaries kept saying things that got way too bogged down in big words and confusing doctrine (if you don’t know the foundation). I could tell our (fake) investigator was trying to help us approach it the right way. He finally asked if we had good voices. My companion, Sora Honey, nudged me and said, “She does.” He came over and asked if I sang and I said, “What would you like to hear?” He said “Anything.” So I started to sing “I Am a Child of God,” and my companions joined in. Pretty soon all 20 missionaries were singing. It completely changed the entire spirit of the discussion and in the room. Do I even need to remind you all why I LOVE music so much?!?! It brings the Spirit incredibly fast and can touch people in ways only words can’t. Such a cool first experience. We met our Branch President quickly and then had a zone meeting.

I already just love all the missionaries in my zone. We talked about why we all came on missions and I loved hearing the reasons why. The Lord really does work with us so uniquely. I really love it here. Truly. My companions are THE BEST. Sora Honey is from Australia and just about the funniest quirkiest girl. I already love her tons. She and I laugh and joke about the funniest things. Sora Anderson is so so sweet. She’s our younger companion (19; Sora H. is 22) but she is so optimistic and you can tell has the most sweet and humble spirit. I’m so looking forward to being with them. I already KNOW we’ll be close friends!

I love you all! This is the Lord’s gospel and the Lord’s work . And I am so honored to be a part of this! Remember, if you are prompted to do something, ACT ON IT! As quick as you can. It makes the biggest difference. You’re really showing the Lord you are ready and willing.

Alright, it’s

Sora Marcheschi

P.S. During zone conference, Branch Pres. Willis said something about how the international missionaries needed immunizations. Under my breath I whispered “shots, shots, shots!” haha, and a couple people heard me but I think it actually made their day. So score 1 for Sora M! ☺


LOVE YOU!! Thank you for everything!


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